Fernco Non Return


SKU-FNRV100 DN100mm

SKU-FNRV150 DN150mm

Fernco’s Non-return valves allow sewer or surface water materials to freely flow in the direction of the systems mains but block backflow of those materials in the opposite direction in instances, such as, flooding.

  • Unobtrusive to natural flow
  • A proven flood prevention method
  • Helps to protect homes, properties, commercial buildings, roads etc
  • Also suitable as rodent deterrents with rat block features
  • Maintenance free

Polypropylene/430 Stainless Steel /TPE

Temperature Range
-50°C to 80°C constant, 100°C intermittent

WRc Approved™ BS EN 681-1:1996 BS EN 1852-1:2018 BS EN 10088:1995 BS EN 13564-1:2002 BS EN 13564-2:2002

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