Fernco Storm-T Saddle – Plastic Pipe (SW)


SKU-FST150-300 150mm connection DN300

SKU-FST150-375-450 150mm connection DN375-450

SKU-FST150-500-600 150mm connection DN500-600

The Fernco Storm-T is a lateral pushfit saddle, designed to connect DN150 lateral pipes into primarily structured-wall, twinwall, and smooth wall plastic host pipes.

Features and Benefits

  • No adhesives, sealant or concrete required
  • Eliminates need to pre-order a factory-made junction
  • For use on new or existing drainage systems
  • Reduces material and labour costs
  • Increases positioning flexibility
  • Small and lightweight, easy to transport and handle for quick installation
  • Installation unaffected by weather conditions
  • Robust and should not be damaged under normal site conditions
  • Minimal protrusion into the host collector pipe

  • Pressure Rating: 0.5bar / 7.25psi