Pamella - Generation 3


SKU-ECPS16EK-NZ3 675mm x 450mm

The Pamella Grate and Frame is a high performance, quality and cycle friendly catchpit grate. Developed in conjunction with Auckland Transport and Auckland Council the Pamella Grate and Frame offers improved impact resistance from the use of Ductile Iron and an automatic locking mechanism with Spring Bar technology. 


  • All stormwater applications  
  • Where catchpits are in cycle lanes 

Design Features 

  • Manufactured Class D to AS3996:2019 Standard
  • Each gate has the image of a fish to remind people that this grate “Drains to the sea” 
  • Frame with flange on 3 sides, allowing installation along kerb.
  • Double hinged-grating system. Design with internal hinge, for easiest bedding, and asphalt compaction around frame.
  • Automatic locking with ductile iron spring bar, preventing to dislodgment by traffic among other things.
  • Opening slots orientation suitable for cyclist traffic.
  • Slots and anti-skid relief designed for absorption optimization.
  • Easy opening, with gap between frame and grating allowing crowbar use.
  • Public awareness to environmental protection. 

  • Mass kg = Total 76.8 - Cover 56
  • Frame = 830mm x 590mm
  • Clear Opening = 675mm x 450mm
  • Height = 70mm

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