Ultra NG - Couplings


SKU-UC50 176 x 182mm

SKU-UC65 190 x 182mm

SKU-UC80 208 x 182mm

SKU-UC100 240 x 232mm

SKU-UC125 267 x 232mm

SKU-UC150 295 x 232mm

SKU-UC200 357 x 262mm

SKU-UC225 381 x 262mm

SKU-UC250 407 x 292mm

SKU-UC300S1 455 x 292mm

SKU-UC300S2 467 x 292mm

  • Couplings and Flange Adaptors
  • DN50 – 300, PN16
  • Couplings (ULTRALINK NG) and flange adaptors (ULTRAQUICK NG) with wide tolerance range to suit different pipe OD.

  • Pre-assembled for quick and easy installation
  • Unique dynamic radial compression gasket sealing process eliminates post installation retightening
  • Tolerance range of up to 30mm reduces stockholding to one size for a given nominal diameter
  • Full compliance to BS EN 14525
  • Maximum deflection 6° per joint
  • Rated to 16 Bar working pressure(including products compatible with PN25 flanges)
  • Suitable for ductile and cast iron, steel, and PVC pipes. Not suitable for PE or GRP pipes
  • Flange adaptor with universal flange to suit PN10, PN16 and certain other drillings, dependent on size

  • Technical information
  • Bolt torques 60 – 70 Nm
  • Maximum service temperature: 40°C

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